According to the book "The Secret", we are the masters of our thoughts and our thoughts become things. Research in the field of Quantum Physics is said to support the above statements. They are further said to effectively reinforce the contention that there is a "Law of Attraction" in the Universe which can be spelled out as like attracts like. In other words, if we want to be wealthy, we have to focus on thoughts of wealth and prosperity. oxford high heels My dream was to find my place under the Internet sun but that is getting ahead of the story. I have always been an outsider looking in where the Internet is concerned. I watched with awe mingled with bewilderment as I christian louboutin shoes witnessed its explosive and exponential growth. I had feelings of dread and regret that I was going to be completely online shoes left out and left far behind struggling in the wake of this swirling, whirling monster movement of the information-based economy. This was undoubtedly the wave of the future and the trend was irreversible. Brimming with color and remorseless might, louboutin shoes the endless wave of information and high technology on the Internet has swept everything before it. For better or for worse, the winds of change have affected every sector of society and things have never been the same since. The Internet has also leveled the playing field and has become the great equalizer. While financial resources will always be important, knowledge has become king and lawgiver. I wanted desperately to be part of this awesome phenomenon but, not too long ago, I didn't even know how to send or receive emails. In 1988 up to about 1990, I was actually using computers but I had largely stayed away after that and had nearly turned into a technophobe. I am a Project Consultant of the Office of the Chairman of a leading company in the Middle East so I worked my way back to gaining some basic computer skills until I actually started enjoying going online. Apparently, this is where the "Law of Attraction" started to manifest itself. They say that the Universe moves and rearranges things to bring our thoughts to reality. While surfing the Net one day, I clicked a small advertisement where I ran into the guy who was to become my mentor. For a christian louboutin replica medium that aqua high heels is supposed to be so impersonal, meeting this person on the Net gave me someone who has treated me like family. He showed me a very powerful secret for making money online that has the potential to earn entrepreneurs a lot of money in a relatively short period of time. I learned how it's possible to retire rich with home-based Internet business profits. He taught me a powerful system with easy to follow techniques to gain quick and constant profits in the online Home Business field. A simple, easy-to-apply system allows one to start immediately. A lot of us are working too hard for too little flat boots money in dead-end jobs (just over broke); a lot of us are earning too little to ever follow our dreams; a great number of us are sick and tired of peep toe heels financial insecurity; if we had the chance, most of us would probably want to start a home business providing a second income before we decide if we want to quit our jobs; all of us deserve to retire rich so that we can live the life of our dreams. No limits! This is what I think about as I continue on my journey and focus on the limitless horizon and the boundless frontier. About the Author - Raoul Dumpit is a Project Consultant of the Office of the Chairman of a leading company in the Middle East and owns wealthworks on the web
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